10th International GAP Meeting
Třeboň, Czech Republic
19 - 30 August 2017

Maps and POI

We have prepared Points of interest for map and navigation applications which may help you to find your way to lots of places during your GAP2017 stay in Třeboň.
You can use any map application supporting .kmz. KMZ file with POI is here.

Here are just two of favorite applications:

LOCUS - Locus Map Free - Outdoor GPS (Android)

One of the best outdoor map application. You can even prepare your own maps and use them or use many maps on-line or off-line.

Map source KMZ
here here

Installing Locus app:
1. Download and install Locus from Google Play. (There are two versions: Locus Map Free and Locus Map Pro. The Pro version has more features but the Free version is enough to view our vector maps with the render theme.)
2. The installation places Locus the internal memory of the device by default. The render theme don't work this way! You need to move the app to the SD card: device -> Settings -> Application manager -> Locus Map -> Move to SD card)

Installing maps for Locus Map:
1. Download the map of appropriate country.
2. Copy the content of the downloaded file to SDCard/Locus/mapsVector folder. (For example, map of Hungary sits this way: SDCard/Locus/mapsVector/Hungary_openmaps_eu_europe.map)
3. Apply the map in Locus: upper-right corner "map" icon -> Vector tab -> MAPS -> select choosen map from list

Installing KMZ:
1. Download KMZ into SD card/Locus/kmz
2. Open Locus application
3. Go to Data and Add new Directory and name it (e.g.GAP2017)
4. Import GAP2017.kmz into this directory
5. Use it


MAPS.ME - (Android, iOS)

User friendly map and navigation application.

Map source KMZ
offline maps can be downloaded directly from application here

Installing Maps.Me app:

1. Follow the installation instruction when downloaded.

Installing KMZ:

1. Send yourself an e-mail with the KML/KMZ file attached or open KML file with any file manager (if you have Android device) and choose open in MAPS.ME.
2. Tap (tap and hold on iOS) it and choose open in MAPS.ME.

It will be open with MAPS.ME and you’ll see ‘Bookmarks loaded successfully!’
You can find them on the map or on the Bookmarks Menu screen.

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