10th International GAP Meeting
Třeboň, Czech Republic
19 - 30 August 2017

How to get to Třeboň

Getting to the Czech Republic

Prague has plenty of flight connections with all major destination in Europe and several overseas destinations (Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, New York). Třeboň is aprox. half way between two Int´l airports (Prague and Vienna), so flights to either airport is possible.


Prague is also well connected with major european cities by railway and coaches.


Getting to Třeboň

If you land in Prague, we would recommend to use the train connection from Prague to Třeboň. There is also one coach daily from Prague to Třeboň.

Getting from Prague´s airport
If you are heading for the Prague Main Railway Station (Praha hlavni nadrazi) for a train connection, we recommend you to use the special airport bus which provides a direct connection from 5:30 to 22:30 in 30 minutes intervals. Look for the Airport Express (AE). Special tickets are needed and should be purchased from the driver. The main railway station is the last stop on the route, and bus stops in front of the main hall. More information about AE here.

If you plan on using a direct coach connection from Prague to Třeboň, you should use bus No.100 from the airport to the Zličín terminal station of Underground line B (Metro trasa B). Get off at the Florenc station (Bus station). More information about public transport from the airport here.

You can also use taxis.

More information abot trasport from/to Prague´s Airport here.

There are several indirect trains daily from Prague. You will need to take the main connection from Prague to České Budějovice departing the main railway station in Prague (Hlavni Nadrazi in Czech) and change trains at Veselí nad Lužnicí. Tickets (directly to Třeboň) should be bought at the ticket office in the main hall. Ticket will be valid for both trains. Timetable and Search is here. If you fall asleep and pass Veselí nad Lužnicí, don´t worry, the train terminates (most of them) in České Budějovice and you can use bus connections from there. In České Budějovice the train station is within walking distance of the bus station (across the road).
There are trains going from Vienna or Linz in Austria to České Budějovice. Then change for a bus.

There is only one direct coach from Prague (Florenc station) to Třeboň, otherwise all other bus links are from Prague to České Budějovice and require a change for Třeboň. There are plenty of buses from České Budějovice to Třeboň. The bus station is a 10-minute walk from the centre, 5 minutes from the train station.

Useful Czech words
train - vlak (pronunciation here)
bus - autobus (pronunciation here)
main station - hlavní nádraží (pronunciation here)
departure - odjezd (pronunciation here)
arrival - příjezd (pronunciation here)
platform - nástupiště (pronunciation here)
ticket - jízdenka (pronunciation here)

Looking for your local train or bus connection? Please, visit DOMESTIC TIMETABLES 

Třeboň is easily accesible from Prague or Vienna. A 1:30 to 2 hrs drive south of Prague, starting out south towards Brno on the D1 motorway and then turning off at the E55 Hwy (exit 21) following the signs to České Budějovice. There is another motorway on the way, where it ends, follow the traffic sign to Třeboň and Wien (A).
From Vienna follow A22 motorway to Stockerau, but don´t follow Prague (CZ) signs. Instead, follow Hwy B3 to Horn and then B2 to Schrems. Then cross the border to Czech Republic in Halámky.
From České Budějovice the drive takes 30 minutes on Hwy 34.

To use the highways within the Czech Republic and Austria you need to purchase a sticker (vignette) to place on your windscreen. There are three stickers available, valid for one week, one month and one year. You can buy them at post offices, petrol stations or border crossings.

Entrance and visas

Citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland may stay temporarily in the territory of the Czech Republic without any permit on the basis of a travel document or an identity card.

Citizens of countries with which an agreement on visa-free travel has been concluded only require a passport. A list of these countries and details can be found here.

Citizens of certain countries need to arrange for a visa to enter the Czech Republic. A list of countries with a visa obligation can be found here.

Here is the list of Missions and office of the Czech Republic abroad.

Here is the list of foreign missions to the Czech republic.

More informations about visa on the page of Ministry of foreign affair of the Czech republic.

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