10th International GAP Meeting
Třeboň, Czech Republic
19 - 30 August 2017


Research partners who participate on 10th GAP International Meeting.


ALGATECH – Centre of algal biotechnology is the official organiser of the 10th GAP International Meeting.

It developed from the Laboratory for Research on algae, founded in 1960 in Třebon. Throughout its history, the Třebon’s site of the Institute of Microbiology of the ASCR focused on microscopic algae and their use in food and feed industries and in human and veterinary medicine. At present, the ALGATECH Centre is an internationally recognised centre for basic and applied research of microalgae, cyanobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria, including the development of algal biotechnology. It is the largest department of microalgae research in the Czech Republic.


The ENKI company deals mainly with applied research in the area at solar and landscape energetics, fishpond management, watershed management and management of natural and constructed wetlands.
ENKI is also involved in education, innovation and replenishing programs.
ENKI is the operator of the Technical Science Park in Třeboň.


The Institute of Hydrobiology is one of the institutes associated in the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in České Budějovice. The main aim of the Institute is the research of biotic interrelations and their interactions with abiotic factors in lenitic water bodies, especially man-made reservoirs.
Another characteristic feature of the Institute is an alternation of experimental and field approaches and basic regular long-term ecological research on selected Czech reservoirs, which allows to distinguish the phenomena in different time-scales. 













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